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Why the lockdown isn't so bad after all

Although it seemed bad from every angle at first, as we are growing into the habit of staying two metres away from everybody, the lockdown isn't so bad after all. We cannot go to the park, but this is encouraging us to go for walks daily, which is even more than normal for some people.  We even get to go to the garden which we were previously too busy to do. We cannot go to the theatre, but lots of theatres are filming their shows on YouTube free for people to watch all around the globe. We watch these plays at least once a week, which is a lot, but it doesn't seem excessive given the amount of unoccupied time we now have in the day.

Because of the coronavirus, we are also unable to go to restaurants outside. I know this seemed bad at first, but now as with lots of other things, it is encouraging us to cook more. We also start to use our emails more, as some children (like me) did not use their emails a lot before, and start getting in contact with friends and family from across the world. We don't have to wake up too early and are getting more in touch with technology.

Finally, to sum up this speech, I want to make one final point clear: we are creating a new us. We are encouraged to get that work done, and have fun. We are encouraged every Thursday night at eight o'clock to clap for the NHS, the brilliant hospital workers and carers that have saved thousands of lives. We are doing new things, such as learning a new language, or doing PE with Joe Wicks. But most of all, we are saving the world from this life-threatening disease together, and it's these small things that make a difference.

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