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Playing monopoly with my sis

Playing monopoly with my sis,

Is really not my idea of bliss,

She scowls and she grumbles all the time,

And throws the dice

Where I can't find it!

She has to be banker,

She has to have it her way,

She always gets first pick of her icon,

And always picks the one she knows I want.

She always looks at the chance cards before the game,

And puts the unlucky ones to the front.

And as she knows I have a habit of chance cards,

Makes me lose money!

She rolls a five, and

lands on my property,

But mum says "go easy on her, she's only seven",

Then, before you know it, I'm on her square,

But mum says I still have to pay the rent

Just because I'm nearly ten!

She always buys the properties that we both know I want,

She always rolls the dice where I can't see it,

So that her roll is always ideal,

She makes me pay double the rent,

To try and make me bankrupt!

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