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Joe Biden The New President Of The US

I've had a lot of exams, but I have just squeezed in this post here about one of the biggest things happening right now.

On the 7th of November, Pennsylvania's 20 electoral college votes went to Joe Biden, confirming his spot as the president of the United States of America.

Although he has been elected president, he won't be in the White House till January 20th 2021.

The reason why it took 4 whole days for the election results to come through was partly to do with Covid-19. Many people voted by post, because they didn't want to gather with lots of people in small polling stations. This made the process slower.

However, although it has seemed that Biden won fair and square, Donald Trump says there was "election fraud" and he will try to challenge the results in some states.

Joe Biden has some things in mind going forwards when he is president. Biden plans to prioritise coronavirus, and focus on climate change, joining the 2016 Paris Agreement once more.

6 Facts About The Election

  1. Joe Biden's pet dog, Major, will be the first dog to come from a rescue shelter to live in the White House.

  2. Kamala Harris, second-in-command to Joe Biden, will become the first female vice president of the US.

  3. She will also become the first black and South Asian American person to become vice president.

  4. Joe Biden began working in the Senate in 1973!

  5. At 77, Biden is the oldest president of the US ever!

  6. This election, the highest number of votes were counted ever, at about 160 million. That's almost half the population of the USA!

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