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How to spoil my brothers birthday (by my sister)

On his birthday my brother will think he’s a king.

He’ll eat all his favourite food and he won’t even share,

He’ll eat all his cake and he won’t even care!

Then he’ll play all his video games,

He’ll watch his favourite tv …

… but he but won’t let me see!

He’ll shout out orders

And say we must obey

Just because it is his day!

He will wear a crown on his head

He will make us sing …

… but that is just not my thing!


I will lick the frosting off his cake!

I will open all his presents, make no mistake!

I will set the tv on paw patrol and not his silly show!

I will remove the batteries from his rotten games console!

I will keep him up late by making noises all night,

And when he says, ‘Don’t do that! You must obey!’

I won’t listen to a word he’ll say!

Now we’re both in bed

Tucked up and sung to and kissed gently on the head.

‘Goodnight,’ says my brother,

‘When I wake up, the first person I’ll see,

Will be my best friend,’

And he points straight at me.

I smile then, and sigh,

As we drift off to sleep.

Tomorrow is a good day.

It is a great day.

It is my big brother’s 10th birthday!

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