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How the lockdown appears through time

Updated: May 17, 2020

We have come to see

As the lockdown still goes on,

How perhaps staying at home wasn't quite so bad

As we approached it at first thought.

At first it was terrible:

Hurrying for limited supplies,

Worrying about children's education

And more.

But if asked now,

One might say it was rather enjoyable -

Breakfasts out on the balcony,

And chatting on a video call to all our friends.

We have been able to do lots more work,

Yet fit in screen time every day.

We have been spending time with friends and family,

Doing our portion of work with virtual schooling,

And still celebrating Easter and birthdays.

But one day a few years in the future,

We will look back on this past

As only a faint memory,

A wisp of smoke.

We will remember the government fighting to save the country,

No matter what the consequences were,

We will remember how we fought for the NHS,

For health and a peaceful world,

How we clapped our hearts out

Every week for our NHS heroes,

And we will remember

How we didn't give up till the final whistle.

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