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How are UK zoos managing in the lockdown?

Updated: May 13, 2020

The lockdown has affected many businesses around the world. Big ones, such as Netflix and Amazon, and others with delivery operations such as supermarkets and Deliveroo, are flourishing in this environment. Zoos, however, have been suffering because they have closed for now, thanks to government restrictions.

Zoos are affected badly by this lockdown because they have to pay for many things. The money that the zoo earns helps pay the wages of its workers and for the care and nourishment of its animals. The animals need this support, otherwise they will not survive.

Depending on how big the zoos are, some receive over half a million visitors each year. Coronavirus could mean a massive drop in the money they earn, as most of the money they earn comes from visitors. Without people coming to the zoo, the zoo will soon run out of money.

The last time my zoo, ZSL (the Zoological Society of London), fully shut down was for two weeks in the Blitz in World War 2. ZSL at this time of the year should be welcoming more visitors than any other time. Instead, there are no visitors at all.

If nothing changes soon, many zoos may disappear, which will be sad for us, Most importantly, what about all the animals that depend on these zoos for their care?

If you enjoyed this blog and want to read more about how UK zoos are being affected by lockdown, and how they are coping with Covid-19, click this link and read the newsround article in blue below:

For more detail on how Coronavirus is going to affect the Zoological Society of London, in particular, do read the below:

Both links have short videos which I also found fascinating. I hope you enjoy them.

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