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Coronavirus Rhapsody

Call it corona,

Or Covid-19,

Locked up at home,

I call it an altered reality.

Open the windows,

Look out at the sunshine, daydream...

I'm just a bored boy,

From a bored family.

Because you sneeze into,

Your elbow,

Do not cough,

Blow that nose!

Even just a small cough will make no one come near to me,

To me...

Mama, need another tissue,

Too many days being wasted,

Not many doses now left

Of piriton, that minty medicine,

But now Covid-19's ruining all our days.

Mama, oooh,

Didn't mean to make you cry,

If I have the bug this time tomorrow,

Carry on, carry on,

As if nothing really matters.

Too late, my time has come.

I can feel my heavy breathing,

Got that hot temperature feeling.

Goodbye, everybody,

I've got it now,

Gotta face the pain and take it with good attitude.

Mama, oooh,

I don't want this bug,

I sometimes wish I'd never been born at all...

(guitar solo)

I see Sky News morning to afternoon,

Lots of cases, lots of deaths, and lots of action!

Lockdown extended, very, very frightening me!

Very scary (high voice)

Very scary (low voice)

Very scary (high voice)

Very scary (low voice)

Very scary (high voice)

Very scary, yes indeed (low voice)

How are we surviving-ing-ing-ing?

I'm just at home,

Nothing to do at all.

He has just nothing to

Do while he's at home.

Have mercy for him, Covid-19!

Please, oh please, Covid-19 will you save me now?

Bismillah! No, I will not save you now! (save him now)

Bismillah! I will not save you now! (save him now)

Bismillah! I will not save you now!

Save me now (will not save him now)

Save me now (will not save him now)

Save me now-ow-ow-ow-ow!

No, no, no, no, no, no, no!

Oh mamma mia, mamma mia!

Mamma mia save me now!

Coronavirus has it specially put aside for me...

For me...

For me!

So you think I will lie down and let you take my life?!

So you think I will give up with one tiny sigh?!

Yes, Covid, not so weak, Covid.

Just gotta fight this,

Just gotta fight this bad disease.

We can fight this virus, anyone can see...

We can fight this virus...

We can fight this virus...

You'll see...

We can fight this virus.

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